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Dimensions 31.3''W x 71.9''D x 22.8''H

Commercial Metal Chaise Lounges

Combining the functionality of a chair and the comfort of a sofa, outdoor chaise lounges offer a luxurious place to lounge and relax in any outdoor setting. Whether poolside or on a patio, the outdoor material you select for a commercial chaise lounge will help determine its aesthetic and functional value. A commercial chaise lounge outdoors may be constructed from a number of high-quality metal materials, namely cat aluminum, wrought iron, and stainless or galvanized steel. Each possess unique qualities that are well-suited for rigorous outdoor use, but possess different characteristics that will appeal to certain tastes. Cast aluminum represents a classic choice that is extremely durable and rust-resistant, which will make it ideal for businesses located in coastal regions. One drawback, however, is their expensive price point and heavy weight, which make them less ideal for transporting and maneuverability. Wrought iron makes a fine alternative that is also extremely strong, sturdy, and durable and possess much the same aesthetic value as cast aluminum. Stainless steel is considerably more lightweight than wrought iron. Choose the ideal chaise lounge constructed in metal at Commercial Outdoor for the finest in commercial outdoor furniture.

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